Student, Driver Okay After School Bus Accident Near Chicago

School buses are a lifesaver for parents. With more and more families beginning to feature duel earners, and with a slow economy to worry about, having to balance shuttling your children to and from school would be a daunting task. Luckily for you, every school day, roughly half a million buses lend us a helping hand by transporting 24 million of our kids to and from their schools and after school activities.

As a parent, the last thing you want to think about is the fact that your child’s safety might be compromised by the negligent or reckless actions of another driver. Still, in our 20 years of legal practice, our lawyers have seen the aftermath of dozens of Illinois bus accidents, and we believe it is always best to be informed. Since 1990, almost 1,500 people have been killed in school bus accidents in the United States. If you have been reading these blogs for long enough, you already know that whatever the number of traffic fatalities in a survey might be, that number just a drop in the bucket when compared to the number of victims injured. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Yesterday morning a southbound school bus was traveling down Harlem Avenue just north of Dralle Road when it flipped, rolling into a ditch. Thankfully, officials from the local Fire Protection District reported that the bus was vacant aside from a single 6th grader at the time of the accident. Following the rollover, the bus driver was able to help the student out of the bus before firefighters arrived on scene. (Chicago Tribune)

If you are in fact a parent whose children utilize school buses each weekday, you may take solace in the fact that bus accidents statistics show that children are likely in the safest position. In bus accident fatalities, about two-thirds of victims were the occupants of a vehicle that collided with a bus, and another quarter of the remaining victims were bicyclists and pedestrians. Only about 9 percent of all bus accident statistics are actually made up of actual bus passengers.

Still, school buses are huge vehicles, and anytime they are involved in an accident that mass creates the potential for serious injury. Whether you are a bus passenger, a pedestrian, a driver, or a passenger of a car hit by a school bus, the result can be months of recovery and significant reliance on others for your own care.

Our lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to personal injury cases, having handled numerous cases involving transportation coach companies, as well as local organizations such as the Chicago Transit Authority and Alltown Bus Service. If you or a loved one has been injured because of the actions of another driver or manufacturer and you think you may have a claim, feel free to contact us to explore your legal options

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