Study Results Show that Women Are Better Drivers than Men

A female Illinois auto accident lawyer of ours pointed out an interesting study reported by MSNBC that discussed how it has been proven that women are better drivers than men. Even though there has been an ongoing societal joke that women are bad drivers, this study proves otherwise. According to the study, “80 percent of all fatal and serious car crashes are caused by male drivers.” It continues on to say that women are close to 30% less likely to cause an accident. Also, for every one female that gets a DUI, three males get one as well. Women only had about two thirds of the amount of accidents that males did in 2007.

Some say that high testosterone, higher likeliness to take risks, or higher likeliness to be aggressive could be factors. The study also shows that, “traffic violations are higher for male drivers in almost every single category from reckless driving, failure to yield, seat belt violations, or speeding.” Because of this, a man needs to pay close to $100 more for car insurance. It was also proven that men are more likely to be killed in car accidents, and that they spend more time in the car which means more miles. However, if two identical car accidents occurred, one with a man and one with a female, men are more likely to be seriously injured or even killed.

This comes as a surprise based on some of the studies we have talked about in the past. As a Levin and Perconti Chicago car accident attorney blogged about earlier this year, cars are designed to protect men better than women. The American Journal of Public Health found that seatbelts and other lifesaving devices that are used in cars, such as airbags, are not designed to fit women or smaller drivers and passengers. The weight of the driver, the height of the driver, and the way they are positioned in the seat, all play a role in how effective the safety devices are in protecting the driver. Automobile manufactures are working towards making sure that vehicles have more female friendly safety features, and this could help to reduce their likeliness of being involved in an accident.

Because of testosterone, as well as men being more likely to take risks, aggressive driving could be a factor. Aggressive driving is when a driver uses a combination of traffic offenses that could endanger or hurt another person or even property. Speeding, improper lane use, and improper passing are all examples of aggressive driving. In order to avoid being an aggressive driver, allow yourself plenty of time to reach your destination, and to never operate a vehicle when you are upset or angry. If you should see an aggressive driver, do not try to race them or make eye contact, get out of their way. If you can remember a description of their car with their license plate number as well as calling the police with the information without compromising your safety, do so.

Our Chicago accident lawyers hope that both men and women will work to be safer drivers to avoid car accidents and the risk of serious personal injury. By making sure to not be as aggressive, as well as avoiding distractions and staying awake and alert, accidents across the board can be reduced.

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