Study Shows Women More Likely to be Seriously Injured in Car Accidents

Recently, our Chicago personal injury attorneys read an article posted by USAToday
online about a new study that concluded that woman drivers are at a greater risk for injury when involved in a car accident. The reasoning for this is that there is a lack of car safety designs that are made to fit a woman’s body.

The study looked at a decade’s worth of data and found that women drivers who wore seatbelts were at a greater risk for personal injury than males, and furthermore found that women drivers in seat belts had more severe injuries to the chest and spine than men. The study concluded that “female motor vehicle drivers today may not be as safe as their male counterparts; therefore, the relative higher vulnerability of female drivers when exposed to moderate and serious crashes must be taken into account.”

According to ABCNews, the American Journal of Public Health reported that some devices in cars that are used for safety do not aid women because they do not fit their bodies well. Because of a woman’s stature, which is normally smaller in height and weight, female drivers sit differently in cars than men do. ABCNews continued on to say that some safety systems are made to fit men’s bodies because studies show they are more likely to be involved in deadly car accidents. However, car manufacturers and governmental figures have been working on resolving this issue recently.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys encourage car manufactures to continue working on making car safety design more gender neutral. Hopefully these changes will help to ensure the safety of both women and men. As we have discussed in previous posts, car manufacturers continue to redesign vehicles with driver and passenger safety in mind. Not only do they consider the physical aspects of drivers, now more and more carmakers are focusing on driver behaviors and adapting vehicles with driver actions in mind. For instance, many new cars are equipped with technology to detect when a driver is falling asleep or is distracted.

We support continued efforts to improve driver safety and look forward to seeing how car manufacturers adapt their designs in reaction to this new study. Since vehicles play such a crucial role in our everyday lives, it is important for them to continue to improve safety features. Unfortunately, no matter how safe the car, we can never prevent driver errors completely. Even with awareness campaigns and the threat of fines and other penalties, there will always be some drivers who disobey traffic laws or operate their vehicles in a negligent manner. For twenty years, we have worked for victims to hold these wrongdoers responsible for the harms caused. Contact us if you have been injured by a reckless driver to discuss how we can help you.

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