Summit Being Held On Elder Drivers

The New York Times recently published a story highlighting a summit this week that discussed the safety issues surrounding aging drivers. The National Transportation Safety Board held the two day public event Monday and Tuesday entitled, “Safety, Mobility, and Aging Drivers.” It included academic researchers, medical experts, industry leaders, law enforcement officials among others to discuss the questions and possible answers relating to improved safety and road access for our elderly community members.

Specifically, the summit included discussion and analysis of issues including the role of states to set regulations on elder drivers, the response families should take to insure safety of their older loved ones, and similar issues. These questions are typically full of debate with a need to appeal to both reason and emotion-there are few easy answers.

One member of the Board that organized the summit explained, “”We’re looking to see what can be done with highway design, vehicle design, state programs and policies-things that affect all of us as we age.”

Our Chicago car accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti have come to understand the unique risks posed by and to elder drivers. In our twenty five years of experience we have worked in situations where aging drivers have been both the victims of road negligence and negligent themselves. It is imperative that all elder drivers and their families take the time to fully explore their driving options and understand the safety measures that should be taken to avoid car accidents.

Anyone interested in learning more about the discussions at the summit and the analysis of the experts can access the information by logging onto the National Transportation Safety Board website by Clicking Here. The site includes webcast archives of all presenters at the forum.

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