Teen Dead in Flip-over Accident

A car accident on July 24th on I-80 left a teenager dead. The fatal car crash occurred when the teen’s sports utility vehicle blew out a tire and she crashed into a median and flipped over. The teen driver was thrown from the car and her personal injuries were so great that she passed away. According to the Southtown Star, the passenger that was in the same car was injured and taken to a local hospital but is expected to recover from his injuries. The young girl was not wearing her seat belt at the time the accident occurred, and it is likely that the lack of a seat belt is what caused her to be thrown from the car when the crash occurred. To read more about this Illinois car crash, please click on this link.

This accident serves as a reminder of how important seat belts are at all times while driving a car. Even if you think you are a safe driver and that because of that wearing a seat belt is not necessary, remember that unexpected events can occur, such as a tire blowing out or another driver that is not paying attention, that can cause you to lose control of the car regardless of if you are being a cautious driver. Because of situations like this, and the possibility of a car crash, Chicago injury attorneys ask all drivers to always wear their seat belt regardless of how short of a trip you are going on or how safe of a driver you feel that you are. In Illinois the seat belt law requires that all front seat passengers always wear their seat belt, that all passengers of drivers under 18 always wear their seat belt, and that all passengers that are under the age of 16 always wear their seat belt regardless of who is driving and of where they are seated in the car. Given that it is the law in the State of Illinois and that simply wearing a seat belt can make the difference between life and death in many situation, please make sure to always wear your seat belt when you get behind the wheel.

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