Teenage Driver Causes Galesberg Car Accident

A Galesburg car accident occurred on June 13th in which five people had to go to local hospitals for treatment. The accident was caused by a teenage driver that claims to have not seen a car approaching the intersection as she pulled into the intersection. This oversight resulted in a car accident and the young girl’s two fifteen year old passengers were seriously injured. Both of the young girls, one of who was the younger sister of the teenage driver, have been listed in fair condition and are expected to fully recover from their personal injuries. The driver of the other car and his passenger, as well as the teenage driver, were all sent to local hospitals but were released shortly after arriving. According to Galesburg’s News, tickets in connection with the accident are pending at this time. To read more about this teenage Illinois car accident, please click on this hyperlink.

Teenage driving accidents are unfortunately very common and are the leading cause of death among United States teens. According to the Center for Disease Control‘s teen driver’s fact sheet teen drivers are four times more likely to get into a car accident that adult drivers. The main reasons for the higher incident of car accidents in this age group mostly stems of inexperience. These drivers have just received their drivers licenses which require some practice and training, but does not always seem to be adequate to prepare these kids for the realities of the road. In addition to the lack of experience, young drivers often to not realize the importance of paying complete attention while driving, and are more susceptible to distractions while driving. Additionally, teens often engage in riskier driving behaviors such as speeding, drinking or doing drugs and driving, and not wearing seat belts. Illinois accident attorneys ask you to talk to your kids or any other young drivers you know and remind them of the importance of practice, playing attention and driving safely, because making teenage drivers aware of safer driving could be what saves lives!

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