Texting While Driving Leads to Deadly Accident

A fatal car accident that occurred on July 5th and left a teenage girl dead has been found to be caused by texting while driving. The teenage driver was killed after she got into an accident and her car rolled over and she was ejected from the vehicle. The police investigators found the victim’s cell phone next to her body and upon opening it discovered an unfinished text message time-stamped at close to the same exact time of the crash. The victim was also not wearing her seat belt at the time the accident occurred. To read more about this teenage car crash, please click on this link.

This accident is just one of so many accidents that are caused by texting while driving. Studies have shown that text messaging while driving can be as dangerous and impairing as driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While many drivers think that they can just quickly read or send out a message without getting too distracted from the road, this is unfortunately often not the actual case and so many people get into accidents as a result of text messaging while driving. Illinois injury attorneys remind drivers that it is illegal to send or read text messages in Illinois while driving, and that if you are driving anywhere it is never a good idea because of the inherent dangers it creates. Hopefully the anti-texting laws will create change and people will stop doing something so dangerous and that places themselves and others in such great danger.

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