Tips For Minimizing Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents

No matter what car you drive, eventually you will have to get out of your vehicle. This is one thing that all motorists share; everyone is a pedestrian at one point or another. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this data group was one of the few categories of road user to actually experience an increase in their fatality rates in the United States since last year, with 4,432 deaths. In densely populated urban areas like Chicago, pedestrian accidents are much more likely to happen, so our lawyers would like to pass along a few tips on how to minimize potential injuries during a collision. We hope you are never put in a position that merits using these accident tips, but if you are ever the victim of a pedestrian car accident, they just might save your life. (NHTSA)

Protect Your Head Above All Else-Broken bones and internal bleeding are very serious, but these injuries pale in comparison to head injuries. Damage to the skull and brain can be life-threatening, and can hinder cognitive function later in life, preventing you from returning to work or caring for yourself. In the event of an accident, cover your head with your arms immediately, so that your forehead is in the crook of your elbows and your hands are covering the back of your head. Position your body so that the impact of the collision doesn’t come near your head, and ensure that your head is nowhere near the wheels of the vehicle.

Aim for the Safety Glass-All cars produced after the 1970s are equipped with shatterproof glass that is designed to absorb impacts. If you are able, try to roll onto the hood of the vehicle, with your backside facing toward the glass. Always try to get to the top of the hood, as this lessens the impact of the collision, and will prevent you from being run over by the car.

Prevention-This is perhaps the most important tip, as it helps you avoid never having to be in a pedestrian car accident in the first place. Always use sidewalks, crosswalks and walkways when they are available, and if they are not, walk toward oncoming traffic so you are aware. It is crucial to note that just because you can see a vehicle, it doesn’t mean that they can see you. Wear reflective clothing when jogging and walking near roadways, and never cross a street because you assume an oncoming car will stop. (SafeKids; Center for Disease Control & Prevention)

Our Chicago car accident lawyers have helped many victims of pedestrian accidents. Recently, we recovered a $1.25 million settlement for a 50-year-old woman who suffered numerous fractured bones, as well as spinal cord damage, when she was hit by a bus while walking in a crosswalk. Cases like these remind us that injuries stemming from these accidents can alter lives forever, so we hope that these tips will keep our readership just a little bit safer in the future.

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