Tips for Safe Traveling this Holiday Weekend

With the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, many more people will be on the road than usual and according to AAA about 28 million people are expected to be traveling by car this weekend. With the wave of travelers, it is important to remember certain safety tips if you are going to be on the road this weekend. Even before you leave there are certain safety precautions to take to avoid car accidents. Always make sure to be well rested, because being tired can distract your focus from the road and making driving very dangerous. Additionally, if you feel too tired while driving please stop and rest before resuming driving. Before you leave make sure to inspect you car, making sure the oil and fluid levels are where they should be, the brakes are working, tires are full, and any other minor maintenance is taken care of. You would not want to get stuck on the road because of a small problem that could have been taken care of before you left. When you are ready to get on the road, make sure that all of you passengers are wearing their seatbelts and never drive with a suspended or expired license or if you have been drinking. When you are driving make sure to not let distractions take your focus off of the road. This can include using your cell phone, adjusting the radio, or trying to eat while driving. All of these activities take your focus off the road, if even just for a second, and can result in a car crash.
The increase of drivers over holiday weekends, and in the summer in general, make accidents more frequent and likely, so please be extra cautious and alert while driving this holiday weekend. Chicago injury attorneys bring you these tips to have a safe and fun holiday weekend and to remind you that these few simple steps can make all the difference in having a safe and easy drive.

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