Tire Safety and Old Fashioned Proactive Techniques

For most people it’s a no-brainer to change their oil and transmission fluid every once and a while to keep their car running smoothly and safely. However, many Americans neglect to include their tires on this list of periodic checkups, especially in the snowy Midwest. A recent report released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims that roughly 10% of the United States’ cars are driven with at least one bald tire, and 27% with one or more under-inflated tire. Even more disconcerting is the agency’s finding that a large amount of gas stations fail to provide accurate tire pressure gauges, or have unreliable gages. Tire failures result in far too many motorist fatalities and injuries each year to be ignored, and with a few proactive steps, you can make yourself and everyone around you a little bit safer. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

The “Tire Safety: Everything Rides on It” campaign was launched by the NHTSA in 2001, and is aimed at better informing motorists of the dangers that come with neglecting their tires. The NHTSA’s ads, brochures, and radio commercials have featured various service announcements stressing the importance of proper tire inflation and load limits for different types of vehicles. “It is extremely important to motorists’ safety that they ensure their tires have ample tread and are properly inflated,” said one agency official. “Motorists who drive on tires that are bald or substantially under-inflated risk injuries [and] fatalities.”

If you drive a car that was produced in the last few years, you probably have a tire pressure light on your dashboard, but vehicles are just as subject to malfunction as any other machine. To avoid falling prey to improper readings or faulty gas station gages it may be beneficial to purchase a tire pressure gauge at a local store. It is also important to be able to judge the state of your tire tread without the use of a machine, and you can do this with nothing more than a penny. When placing the coin in the tread of your tire with Lincoln’s head upside down and facing you, if you can see the top of his head, it is time to get new tires. It may sound old fashioned, but it works, and doing small things like this can prevent disastrous consequences later.

Our lawyers have more than 150 years of shared experience in all types of personal injury and accident lawsuits. We believe that people who drive safely and maintain their vehicle properly should not be punished for the recklessness of others. If you or someone that you love has been injured because of someone else’s negligence, we will work to get you the compensation you deserve.

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