Toyota Conducts Research That May Increase Illinois Driver Safety

Forbes reported on what some car companies are doing to develop new techniques to keep drivers safe. Toyota, the main automobile manufacturer discussed, has taken the initiative to create new technologies to protect drivers after the series of recalls last year. The car manufacturer is trying to get a better understanding of the main issues the auto industry faces, and will use those findings to create new programs. The Japanese car company has turned to resources such as American universities to conduct studies that will demonstrate what technologies U.S. drivers need to protect them and reduce the number of injuries caused by car accidents. The company is mainly conducting studies to explore things like voice command, pedestrian safety technology, technologies to protect elderly and overweight drivers, and lane departure warning technologies. They are also examining how effective programs such as OnStar are, and injury reduction technologies taking into account different body types.

Our Chicago car accident lawyers are thrilled to see car manufacturers making strides to protect drivers and passengers alike. For instance, many car companies today are coming out with technologies that warn drivers when they are falling asleep behind the wheel. There are also cars that can detect and warn a driver of lane drifting. Toyota, who in recent years have been embarrassed by a number of recalls, is not only competing in the automobile technology area, but are also conducting studies that could be crucial in better understanding how to aid American drivers.

Our Illinois car accident attorneys believe that this type of technology along with the studies’ results could completely alter the way Americans operate motor vehicles today. As we discussed in a recent blog post, car companies are teaming up with cell phone companies to reduce driver distractions. Applications for smartphones disable phones while the car is in motion, leaving a message for whoever calls or texts saying that the driver is unable to answer because they are behind the wheel. These types of technologies and applications for cellphones paired with new advancements in car technologies could greatly reduce car accidents and injuries, as well as make drivers more conscious of their actions.

We advise drivers to take new features into account when purchasing a car. Although these technologies can seem expensive and frivolous, continuous research shows that they can be life saving. A simple phone application or drowsy warning on the car can make all the difference when it comes to the safety of American drivers regardless of age. To learn more about the work we do on behalf of car accident victims, please contact us with any questions to see how we may be able to help you.

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