Toyota Recall Continues and Toyota Faces Big Problems

The Toyota recall continues on and at this point it is unknown what Toyota intends to do to combat the problems they have been facing in the past few months. Documents that were recently released show that back in 2007 Toyota was first made aware by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of floor mats becoming jammed and cause the gas pedal to get stuck, causing car accidents. Toyota’s response in 2007 was to develop a “game plan” to keep from having to have a huge recall. At this time Toyota only recalled a small number of cars (55,000) with a specific type of single floor mat in order to “solve” the problem causing vehicle crashes. Unfortunately, this did not solve the problem and three years later Toyota is in the middle of multiple recalls due to problems in their vehicles. Most recently, Toyota has recalled more than 400,000 cars and are being forced to change the brake pedals in response to a faulty brake pedal. This comes in the wake of recent recalls due to gas pedals causing acceleration and airbag problems, in all totally about 6 million cars. Toyota has faced drops in sales due to all the recent problems that were found in their vehicles. In February of 2010, Toyota sales slipped close to 9% and Toyota had pulled eight models from their line up. More than 20 people have died as a result of recent Toyota car problems and it is crucial that Toyota take active measures to ensure that safety is their priority and reduce the number of car crashes caused by their vehicles.

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