Toyota Recall Leaves the Company in Serious Trouble

Many people are concerned with the way that Toyota is handling their recent recalls in the past couple weeks. The problem that have been identified in several Toyota models involve an safety issue where gas pedals have been sticking. This is a huge safety issue as a stuck gas pedal can lead to severe car accidents if the driver is unable to control their vehicle. The more recent concern is not just over the fact that this safety issue exists but that Toyota has been slow in their response to address the problem. To read more about the Toyota recalls, please click on this link.

According to Yahoo News, the Transportation Secretary says that it took Toyota awhile to recall the vehicles once the problem was initially discovered and that the government is considered penalizing Toyota for their delay. Toyota is suffering a big blow to their image with these recent safety issues, with their stock falling, and the company that has always prided itself on safety, losing business to other companies that are stepping up in the wake of these Toyota safety issues. To read more about other companies stepping in, please click on this link. For additional info on the trouble that Toyota may be in for their slow responses, please click here.

These types of safety issues in vehicles are very important to deal with because of the severity of what these issues can cause. Many car crashes may result from these faulty gas pedals and other similar safety oversights, and this is why it is so crucial for car companies to be very thorough in their quality checks and to immediately address any issues that so come up. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed as a result of negligence on the part of a car company or another driver, please contact an Illinois accident attorney to discuss your case and see what your possible options may be.

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