Toyota Recalls More Vehicles for Safety Reasons

Toyota announced earlier today that they are issuing a recall on cars that have a certain type of floor mats that come standard in many of their models. The floor mats are being recalled because there is a serious danger that the gas pedal may get caught in the floor mat and jam, causing drivers to be unable to stop their car in time to avoid car accident. The Toyota models that are directly affected by this newest recall are Highlanders, Corollas, Venzas, Matrixes, and Pontiac Vibes.

The danger behind this type of problem is that if drivers are experiencing stuck gas pedals and are therefore unable to control their vehicle, there will be many more car accidents caused when these drivers are unable to control their car. This extremely dangerous problem must be addressed immediately. Toyota is handling the problem by taking all cars affected and either replacing the gas pedals or modifying the surface on which the pedal sits in order to keep the gas pedal from sticking. If you have any reason to believe your car may be affected by this recall, or even if you have a newer model Toyota, please check this list of recalls issued by Toyota to see if your car is affected so you can take it to your local Toyota dealership to get the problem fixed immediately.

Unfortunately this is not the first of this type of recall that Toyota has been forced to make recently. Earlier this year, Toyota issued a recall for a different problem that also involved unintentional acceleration. An additional recall from 2009 is still in affect as well. According to Consumer Affairs, some customers that experienced problems early on have found that Toyota was not quick to deal with these horrible deficiencies in their vehicles, and while no figures have been released how many car accidents have occurred that may have been avoided in Toyota had immediately dealt with this problem, the likelihood that many of these avoidable car crash occurred is high.

If you find yourself driving and the gas pedal gets stuck, it is important to try to stay calm and Toyota has recommended that if you apply firm and steady pressure to the brake, the car will be able to be controlled again. If you have had an accident as a result of a stuck gas pedal, please contact a local car accident attorney to see what actions can be taken, hopefully in order to keep this scary incident from happening to other drivers.

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