Toyota Will Recall Nearly 6.4 Million Automobiles Due to Several Design Defects

As we all know, mistakes will happen; this is as true for brilliant automotive engineers as it is for everyone else. However, automobile recall laws are in place to ensure that when potentially dangerous automotive design defects occur during the manufacturing or production process of a vehicle, they are addressed quickly and efficiently in a way that protects consumers from harm as much as possible.

Today, the world’s largest automaker, Toyota Motor Corporation, announced its plan to recall some 6.39 million vehicles that the company has manufactured and sold across the globe due to several different design faults involving parts and components. This global call back represents the second largest recall announcement for Toyota, and will span 27 models.

According to reports, the announcement cited 5 different safety issues among the recalled vehicles, the largest of which being faulty spiral steering wheel cables in approximately 3.5 million vehicles. Officials say that these cables could be damaged when the steering wheel is turned, which may cause the driver’s airbag to fail during an accident. The second largest of the 5 Toyota recalls involves 2.32 million three-door models produced between January of 2005 and August 2010. This will aim to fix seat rail issues, which could cause a driver or passenger’s seat to slide forward in the event of a crash, risking serious injury. Some of the other issues addressed by the recall include problems related to steering column brackets, windshield wiper motors and engine starters. It is estimated that roughly 2.34 million of the vehicles included in Toyota’s recall were sold in North America. (Thomson Reuters)

While the majority of companies and manufacturers deem the safety of consumers to be their top priority, in some cases, a recall may be too late to prevent injuries. In more extreme scenarios, the negligence or dishonesty of companies may knowingly put the public in danger. Our lawyers take great pride in the changes that their efforts have brought in the area of product liability and safety. In many instances, our legal team has not only recovered a substantial settlement for our clients, they have also successfully removed defective vehicles, parts and components from the marketplace, ensuring that they cannot cause further harm. For instance, our attorneys represented the families of two individuals who lost their lives in a car fire. Filing suit against a major American automobile manufacturer, we were able to prove that an improperly designed fuel delivery system fed and intensified the fire, resulting in a $3 million settlement for our clients.

If you have been seriously injured because of an automobile design defect, or if you are the survivor of a loved one who died because of similar circumstances, you may be entitled to compensation. We will take the legal steps necessary to hold negligent parties accountable and ensure your rights are protected.

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