Tragic Train Accident Kills Chicago Woman

A fatal train accident occurred on April 16th in which a Chicago woman’s car was struck by an Amtrak train and she was killed. Upon investigation it was discovered that the trains warning system (to alert drivers when a train is approaching) was not properly reconnected after the track had been worked on. Unfortunately, this meant that there was no adequate warning for the young woman whose car was struck to let her know the train was coming and to keep her from crossing. According to Chicago Breaking News, after the repair work was done on the tracks, the workers thought they had appropriately hooked the warning system back up but unfortunately had not causing the warning system to not go into effect with an approaching train. To read more about this tragic accident, please click on this link.

While this accident was a result of human error on the part of the train workers, it is important for all drivers to be very cautious when driving over train tracks. If there are safety alerts telling you a train is approaching, never try to cross even if you cannot see the train. Trains travel at very fast speeds and can approach much quicker than you may realize and could be very close even if you can not see it from the intersection. If you are at a train track and the warning systems are not activated but you can see or hear a train nearby wait anyway just to be safe. If you are ever not sure if it is safe to go at that time, in order to avoid a car accident, please err on the side of caution.

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