Two Dead, Another in Serious Condition in Chicago Head-on Crash

We live in a hectic world, and time is always of the essence. If you are employed in Chicago, you are likely no stranger to the perceived need to rush around from place to place, whether it be on your morning commute or mid day meetings with clients and work associates. But our Chicago car accident lawyers hope to remind readers that sometimes rushing to get somewhere fast can result in not getting there at all.

Yesterday, a head-on collision killed two motorists in the Mount Greenwood neighborhood on the Southwest Side. According to the Chicago Police Department News Affairs Office, it appeared that one of the vehicles was traveling at high speed when it strayed over the roads centerline. The vehicle then struck a car traveling in the opposite direction, killing both drivers. A female passenger involved in the accident was also taken to a local hospital, where she is listed in serious condition. (Chicago Tribune)

When you are barreling down the highway in route to somewhere important, you are likely more worried about avoiding an expensive ticket than causing a serious accident. However, speeding causes roughly 900 motorist fatalities each month, and injures thousands more. In fact, as many as one third of all car accident deaths and injuries involve a loss of control due to excessive speeds.

As a vehicles speed increases, so does the stopping distance; however, the driver’s reaction time wanes. Motorists speeding on the highway have very little time to react to an emergency, and even if they do react quickly enough, there is no guarantee that their car will be able to stop in time. Worst of all, speeding increases the force of a car crash. A vehicle traveling at 60 miles an hour will exert 125 percent more force than one traveling at 40 miles an hour. When an accident does occur, the car frame is burdened with handling this excess force, and this often results in a crumpling of the passenger compartment, risking traumatic injury to anyone inside. (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety)

Our lawyers have spent decades working with clients who have been injured due to the recklessness of other motorists. We have represented clients who have been faced with spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, bone injuries, and other life-alerting injuries. Together, our attorneys have recovered settlements in excess of $400 million in an effort to help our clients live a normal life after a traumatic accident.

So next time you are in a hurry to get somewhere, make sure you are cognizant of what you are risking by weaving in and out of highway traffic at 85 miles an hour. Sometimes getting there safely is more important than getting there quickly.

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