Two Killed in Henderson County Head-On Crash

Car accidents can come in many forms, but one factor that is common among many is driver negligence. Whether a single-car crash, a rollover, rear-ending, or a head-on crash, negligent driving is often the cause of the accident from one or more drivers involved. It only takes a moment of not being alert to your surroundings or sticking to safe driving for a serious accident to occur. That is why our lawyers cannot emphasize enough how important it is to act with caution at all times when behind the wheel.

A recent article by WQAD 8 describes how a head-on crash in Henderson County took the lives of both drivers near Illinois Route 64. According to the report, one driver was heading westbound when they veered left and crossed the center line for unknown reasons. This caused the two vehicles to collide head on. The second vehicle tried to avoid the crash and veered sharply right off the road. Both drivers were pronounced dead at the scene from the impact of the collision.

Crossing the center line into oncoming traffic can happen for a multitude of reasons. Although the reason for crossing the center line in this accident is unknown, it is still important to discuss some common causes for these types of accidents. Distracted driving is an extremely prevalent issue, not only in our state of Illinois, but throughout the country. All too often people are distracted by many things in their vehicle, such as conversing with another person (which was not the case in this accident as both drivers were the only people in their vehicles), changing the radio or your mp3 player, talking on the phone, or texting while driving. It only takes a moment of distraction, especially when driving at a high speed on the highway, to cross the center line and cause an accident.

A second major issue is fatigued driving. When someone drives when too tired they can easily lose focus on the road and start to daydream or doze off, causing them to not be in complete control of the vehicle they are driving. Here too, it only takes a moment of lost concentration to go into opposing traffic and cause an accident.

Lastly, when people choose to drive negligently and recklessly, such as through excessive speeding, they can easily lose control of the vehicle. When driving so fast in any type of conditions, a driver has less control over their vehicle, can cross over to the center line, and has less time to react and stop to prevent the accident due to their speeding.

Our lawyers stress that we all have a legal duty when we get behind the wheel of a vehicle to be safe drivers and abide by the law. When we breach this duty, accidents can and do easily occur. Remember to drive safely, not only because it is the law, but because it can save your own life and the lives of others.

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