Walmart finally drops suit against disabled worker

Following controversial exposure, Walmart dropped its effort to collect over $400,000 in health-care reimbursement for payments made to a former Wal-Mart stocker after she suffered brain damage in a car accident between her minivan and a tractor-trailer. The victim, age 52, lost much of her memory and her ability to communicate or walk. The victim’s family sued the truck company in a personal injury lawsuit and won $700,000.

The victim also lost her 18 year-old son who was killed shortly after arriving in Iraq. After attorney’s fees and costs, $417,477 went into a trust to care for the victim. After the personal injury lawsuit was won, Walmart sued the family to recover medical costs totaling $470,000. Just recently, though, Walmart dropped its lawsuit.

The victim’s husband expressed gratitude for Walmart’s revision to its decision, adding “I wish it hadn’t taken them so long, this never should have happened. I sincerely hope no other family ever has to go through this.”

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