Winnebago Industries to Recall 2,000 RV Unites Due to Design Defect

Whether you are living, working, or playing, Chicago is a wonderful place to be, especially during this time of year. Despite all its positive features, our lawyers understand that most people don’t want to spend all of their time in the city. Living among so many other people in a landscape of concrete can get a little old, and sometimes it’s just nice to get away. For more than 30 million Americans, an RV is the perfect way to hit the open road and leave the city behind them, but unfortunately some of those trips may have to be put on hold. (PRVCA)

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is always recalling one thing or investigating another, and this is all done in an effort to make sure you and I are safe when we get behind the wheel. A few days ago, the agency announced that Winnebago Industries, Inc. would recall nearly 2,000 of their RV units due to potentially dangerous vehicle design defects.

The recall will affect various motorhome models produced between 2012 and 2014, including the Minnie Winnie, Aspect, Sightseer, Adventurer, Journey, Itasca Spirit, Cambria, Sunova, Suncruiser, and Meridian, which may be missing range enclosures. When a range enclosure is not present it can extinguish gas range flames due to the airflow around the vehicle. However, even when the gas range flame is not active, propane will continue to flow into the compartment, and if ignited, could suddenly combust in a fiery explosion. Winnebago has notified owners and dealers of their models that they will be installing a range enclosure in each vehicle that needs it starting at the end of May, free of change. (

In this situation, Winnebago serves as an example of what should be done to keep drivers safe in the midst of dangerous design and manufacturing errors. They promptly notified the NHTSA of their intention for a recall, and may have saved many of their customers from serious injury in doing so. However, when a company does not act responsibly while designing, producing, or distributing their products, the injuries that result from their carelessness may give victims a cause of action against the negligent party, and entitle them to compensation.

In a case with similar circumstances, but a lack of company action, our lawyers were able to recover a $3 million settlement from a car manufacturer that inadequately designed the fuel delivery system within one of their car models. This resulted in a fuel-fed fire that killed the vehicles occupants following a collision. This money provided the families of the victims to make final arrangements and pay necessary expenses, and ensured that the auto manufacturer was held accountable for their lack of reasonable caution.

If you or a family member has been injured because of the negligent or reckless action of another person or organization, our lawyers will make sure you are not alone in your recovery.

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