Woman Arrested for DUI Dies in Chicago Pedestrian Accident

Earlier this week, the Chicago Tribune reported a Chicago pedestrian accident involving a woman who was arrested for driving under the influence. Two hours later, she was released and thirty minutes after she was released, the woman was killed on the Eisenhower when a truck hit her while walking near the median . The victim’s family questions why the police released her while she might have still been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, instead of keeping her held in custody until she was sober. When looking back on reports, police say that the woman appeared sober and alert when they dropped her off at a nearby gas station. Further investigation continues to determine why the woman was walking by foot on the Eisenhower after being released from the police station.

It is unclear in this case who is to blame, and whether or not the police should have released the woman. It makes our Illinois car accident attorneys question what is the proper protocol for releasing DUI drivers, even if they are able to post bond right away. If the police hadn’t released her so close to her arrest, her death may have been avoided.

The story also brings up issues of pedestrian safety. Even though drivers on the highway probably would never expect to see a pedestrian on a roadway such as this, they need to pay close attention and avoid all distractions. In this case, if the truck had seen the woman walking down the highway, he maybe could have avoided hitting the walking woman. According to Directgov, “Pedestrians MUST NOT be on motorways or slip roads except in an emergency.”

Our Chicago accident attorneys hope that readers take driving under the influence seriously and realize that it can lead not only to arrests, but to dangerous decisions that can lead to personal injury or death. If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, a DUI accident, or a distracted driving accident, or have lost a loved one due to another driver’s negligence, please contact our Illinois accident attorneys to see how we may be able to help you to receive fair compensation, and also some peace of mind. Lawsuits do not only help to receive monetary compensation, but also bring attention and awareness to the issue at hand. Please contact us to talk about your legal rights and a potential lawsuit.

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