Woman Dies in Fatal Illinois Accident While Trying to Help Another Motorist

Recently, BND reported on a car-pedestrian accident involving a woman who stopped her vehicle and got out to help the victims of a car crash. That accident occurred when a sedan driven by a drunk driver rear-ended a semi-truck. A couple driving by pulled over to see if the truck driver or drunk driver were injured or needed their help. As the woman was getting out of her car to assist, another sedan hit her and tossed her to the left shoulder of the highway. A paramedic performed CPR, but the woman was declared dead at a nearby hospital. The article reports that the Arkansas couple was on their way to visit family. It is anticipated that the driver who had hit the woman will not face any charges.

Our Chicago accident lawyers know that many people are injured or killed in roadside accidents when they get out of their cars to check a flat tire, are trying to aid another person, or pull over for another reason. AOLAutos suggests six main steps to follow if you witness an accident and decide to pull over to help. First, you should pull as far off the road as possible, and turn on your flashers. Distance yourself from the accident to allow easy access for emergency vehicles and in case of explosions. You should also make sure no one is injured, but remain a safe distance away from the victims and accident. Next, call 911. If possible, help the driver involved in the crash to move the vehicle out of the way of other ongoing traffic. And finally, if you have a camera or cell phone with camera on it with you, take a few pictures to give to the police when they arrive.

When helping others in an accident, it is crucial to stay a safe distance away from ongoing traffic in order to make sure that you yourself stay safe. Our Illinois accident attorneys agree that helping others in a car accident is a noble thing to do, however, it is imperative to make sure that your safety is not at risk as well. If you have been a victim, or know someone who has, due to another driver’s negligence or also while trying to help another motorist, please contact us to see how we may be able to help you.

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