Wrongful Death Accident Lawsuit Settles for Close to $2 Million

A car accident lawsuit has just concluded with a verdict in favor of the plaintiff of close to $2 million dollars. The car accident occurred in 2007 when a teenage girl was killed in a car accident in which another teenager was driving and tried to jump a hill going 60 miles per hour and crashed into a tree. According to KTIV‘s website, the driver is currently in jail for manslaughter and this was a civil wrongful death lawsuit filed by the victim’s parents against the driver and his ex-wife (who was the owner of the car). The driver of the car was driving without a license at the time of accident and this is why the parents could sue the owner of the vehicle. In this case the owner of a vehicle was held liable because she knowingly allowed someone to drive her car without a driver’s license. To read more about this car crash settlement, please click on the link.

In Illinois there are certain laws that affect both unlicensed drivers as well as minors involved in a fatal car accident. In Illinois if a minor is involved in a car accident and criminal charges are pending, they cannot be issued a driver’s license or renew a learner’s permit until the charges are cleared. Additionally in Illinois the owner of a vehicle can be held liable when they negligently entrust their vehicle to an unlicensed driver. Both of these driving laws deal with issues and consequences of car accidents similar to the one mentioned above.

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