Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed After Illinois Car Accident

The St. Clair Record is reporting on a wrongful death lawsuit filed following a car accident that claimed the life of a father and his nine month old son. The mother and wife of the two victims filed the suit following the tragic deaths in November of 2008.

The man and his son had stopped their car on a local road in southern Illinois at the time of the accident. The father was standing outside of the car while the young child was inside. It was at that time that the car was struck by a man driving a tow truck. The stopped car was driven into the father, who died at the scene. The young child initially survived, but he died several days later at a local hospital.

It was later determined that the negligent driver was drunk at the time of the crash.

The lawsuit following the deadly accident involves several different potentials defendants. The driver of the truck himself is named as a defendant as are the owners of the towing company and the owners of the taverns that sold alcohol to the drunk driver.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti are experts at understanding the various factors and legal issues that play a role in handing affairs following these accidents. We encourage all victims and their families to at least speak with an attorney following any type of car accident. Even if you are not sure about whose fault it was or what factors are important for a legal case, a car crash attorney will be able to help explain the legal landscape of the situation.

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