Wrong-Way Driving Accident Leaves Two People Seriously Injured

Our Chicago car accident lawyers recently read on STLToday.com an article about a drunk driver who was driving the wrong-way on a highway, which resulted in a head on collision. The driver was driving south in a northbound lane, and collided head on with a car driving north. The accident resulted in serious injuries for both drivers.

Wrong-way driving is an extremely dangerous situation that we often see happen on highways around Chicago. Wrong-way driving occurs when someone is driving in the wrong direction in one lane, regardless of if it is a two way street, or one-way street. One of the main causes of people driving the wrong-way on roads is because they are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Another common cause of wrong-way driving occurs when people are getting on or off the freeway. Because freeway exits can be tricky and confusing, it is really important to make sure that when driving, the motorist makes sure they are entering or exiting in the correct direction. Also, when drivers are navigating in areas that they are not familiar with, particularly metropolitan areas with one way streets, they can easily become confused and end up driving the wrong-way down the street. If this should happen, the driver should safely pull over to the side of the road, sort out their directions, and turn around when possible.

One of the easiest ways to avoid wrong-way driving related accidents is to make sure to pay attention to road signs. Often, one way streets and freeway entry and exit ramps have signs that alert drivers that it is a one-way street, and they should not enter. In order to make the road safer for everyone, if our readers see someone who is driving the wrong-way down the road, they should pull over to order to avoid a head on collision and call 911. If it is suspected that the driver is under the influence, make sure to stay a safe distance away from the driver, and call 911 with a description of the vehicle.

Our Illinois car accident attorneys also saw an article by 10TV.com that discussed how police are working to make wrong-way driving a more serious crime with more serious consequences. We hope that our readers will always attention to road signs when entering or exiting the highway, and just be more alert generally. Remember, wrong-way driving is a serious offense with often deadly consequences.

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