Antioch Teen Dies from Serious Injuries Sustained in Winter Weather Crash

Today, a Levin and Perconti Chicago accident lawyer brought an article that was posted online yesterday, by the Lake County News-Sun, to the attention of our firm. The accident involved a 19-year-old Antioch woman involved in a five-car accident. One of the vehicles involved lost control, due to bad weather a few weeks ago. The driver of the vehicle that went out of control was ticketed for speeding in non-permitting weather conditions. After the first car lost control, it collided with another motorist. In attempts to avoid the accident, the car that the teenager was in and another car collided, and they went off of the roadway. The fifth vehicle involved had pulled over to help with the first crash, but then was hit by the second accident. The accident occurred in early January, but after spending weeks in the hospital, the teenager passed away last Friday because of the seriousness of her injuries from the accident.

This accident should remind all Chicago drivers to drive more slowly and cautiously in winter weather driving conditions. As we have mentioned before, has some great tips for driving safely in winter weather. The first tip that they offer is to decrease speed. Speeding in winter driving conditions caused the accident previously discussed, and slowing down could make the roads safer. Drivers should give themselves plenty of stopping room, and use the 9 Second Rule. Drivers should pick a stationary object ahead, and should start counting seconds after the car in front of them passes the object. There should be at least nine seconds in between the time that the car in front of you passes the object, and you pass the object, when the roads are slick.

When the roads have snow and ice on them, they have less traction so tires can’t stick as well. Our Illinois car accident lawyers know that when speeds are increased, it makes braking very difficult and cars can go out of control. Brake gently and slowly to avoid skidding on icy or snowy roads. Also, turning your lights on will not only help you to see better, but will also help other motorists on the road see you more clearly. Be careful when driving on bridges or roads that aren’t used much, because they are typically the first to freeze. However, suggests that drivers should not stop if they can avoid it. They say, “If you can slow down enough to keep rolling until a traffic light changes, do it,” because coming to a complete stop may require more distance than you have.

When asked what the number one tip is for winter driving, any Chicago car accident lawyer would say to avoid driving in dangerous conditions. Staying home keeps you and your loved ones safe. Even if you think you are the best driver in the snow, many others that you share the roads with aren’t as cautious and can cause harm to you. If you don’t absolutely need to leave the house, stay where you are and stay safe.

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