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A car struck a CTA bus in South Side Chicago this afternoon and nine people received personal injuries. The Chicago car accident also caused a bicycle accident after the initial collision. Nine people were taken from the Chicago car accident scene to area hospitals. Six of those receiving personal injuries were listed in fair condition, two in good condition, and one listed in serious-to-critical condition.

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Twenty people were personally injured after a car rear-ended a CTA bus on the Near West Side of Chicago. The bus accident happened in the morning at Roosevelt Road and Blue Island Avenue. A third car apparently careered off the road and into a fence in the car accident. A total of 20 people were taken to the hospital with personal injuries. Most of those personally injured were on the No. 12 Roosevelt Bus. Their personal injuries mostly consisted of scrapes and bruises. The drivers of the two cars were also personally injured, and the driver of the blue car that slammed into the back of the bus is in serious condition. The bus was stopped at the intersection when it was rear-ended in the car accident. There were roughly 30 passengers on the bus at the time of impact and the driver was one of those personally injured. Police could not comment on why the driver hit the back of the bus in the car accident or if any citations have been issued. At this time no personal injury lawsuits have been filed. To read the full story, click here.

In the span of only three days there have been two Chicago, Illinois CTA related deaths. In what initially may have been thought of as freak accidents there is an alarming trend with deaths and personal injuries from Chicago, Illinois Chicago Transit Authority transportation. Protections, either in the form of emergency shut-off devices for trains or extra security guards, need to be put in place near CTA “L” stops to prevent accidents. The first accident occurred Monday on the CTA blue line. The most recent accident occurred yesterday on the CTA red line. In both CTA “L” train accidents the pedestrians were killed. Investigations continue into both CTA train car accidents. In addition to Chicago, Illinois trains other forms of public transit are also under scrutiny. In recent weeks Chicago, Illinois PACE buses which provide transportation to Chicago, Illinois suburbs have also been in the spotlight due to a PACE bus accident which injured four pedestrians. Additionally, Chicago Metra trains which provide service within Chicago and to the suburbs have also been under attack. Train accidents have occurred both at train and car intersection accidents, train accidents hitting pedestrians and one train accident caused death and injury to a rider on the train. As gas prices soar in Chicago, Illinois, residents are using public transportation as an alternative to personal cars. Despite the financial savings from the public transit system residents may be willing to put more cash into the pump rather than ride on the Chicago, Illinois, CTA, PACE, or Metra due to the increasing number of accidents. Negligent bus drivers, Negligent CTA operators and negligent Metra conductors may deter residents from using public transit and opting instead to use cars even though fuel prices are high. CTA has not made any official statement regarding the recent wave of CTA related deaths but it is expected that a press release will soon be made public. As Chicago, Illinois residents remain puzzled about the unexpected CTA deaths one thing is sure safety measures need to be increased to prevent more innocent pedestrians, riders and travelers from experiencing personal injuries and death. To read about the most recent CTA red line train accident click here.

Another CTA accident occurred in Chicago, Illinois where a car crashed into a CTA “L” platform. The car exploded and the woman suffered severe burn injuries and was not able to survive the car accident. Two other men who were in the car accident suffered serious injuries and were taken to the hospital. CTA accidents have occurred in large numbers in recent weeks. Previously a car hitting an “L” platform caused personal injuries and death to a woman who was near a Chicago, Illinois Red Line station. To read the story and see a map of where the accident occurred, click here.

Chicago, Illinois was the sight of another CTA bus accident on the city’s West Side this weekend. The Chicago CTA bus crash left 10 crash victims injured requiring hospitalizations. The crash proves once again that bus or car accident personal injuries can occur even during daylight hours, the crash occurring at 3:30 p.m. To read more and see a news click about the crash click here.

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