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Raise your hand if you are familiar with those black boxes that have become standard inside United States airliners. If you actually raised your hand, keep in mind that I can’t see it, but I have some interesting news for you. For those of you who don’t know what a ‘black box’ is, it is also known as an ‘Event Data Recorder’ or ERD, and it’s job is to record the events leading up to an accident in order to understand its cause. Believe it or not, the vast majority of new cars being sold in the United States are being fitted with them, and this could give judges a new piece of evidence in personal injury lawsuits in Illinois.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s new stipulations will make EDRs mandatory in all “cars and trucks that are required to have front airbags” starting on September 1st of next year. Our attorneys read that the black boxes will be responsible for collecting specific information in the minutes before a car accident such as:

• Vehicle Speed • Engine Throttle Position

Two suburban Chicago women were killed in a car accident that occurred last Saturday night. Both the driver and the passenger were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. According to The Chicago Sun Times, the car accident occurred in the western suburb of Lyons on Harlem Avenue near Interstate 55. Our Chicago car accident attorneys remind drivers of how many fatal car accidents occur each year and of how important is it to always be alert and paying attention when driving. Drivers who are driving too fast, drivers not being cautious enough of weather conditions, distracted drivers, fatigued drivers and impaired drivers all run the risk of getting into a car accident.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that there were 32,885 fatalities resulting from car accidents in 2010 alone. Of these accidents the highest percentage were caused by drunk driving, followed by speeding, distracted drivers and bad weather. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also reported that over half of the fatalities involved the driver being killed. So many of these accidents were caused by factors in the driver’s control and that is why it is so important to remember the importance of being cautious and alert while driving.

It is never worth risking a car accident to get somewhere a couple minutes faster, never necessary to answer a ringing phone or send a text message while driving and always important to keep your eyes on the road and stay aware of your surroundings at all times. Additionally, if you are about to head out in your car or are already out on the road and feel that the weather conditions are no longer safe to be driving on, please pull over and do not continue to drive at that time. The roads are always most slick right after it begins to rain and ice and snow can make it very difficult and lead to sliding. Keeping in mind these simple guidelines could make the difference between an accident and safely getting to your destination.

A car accident that occurred in January in Chicago in the Roseland neighborhood left the driver and the two passengers traveling in the vehicle dead after the driver lost control of the vehicle. The accident occurred on the morning of January 13th near the intersection of 102nd Street and State Street. According to ABC Local and the Chicago police, the driver of the car lost control of his vehicle and hit three parked cars and then flipped over. At this point, authorities are saying that speed may have been a factor in the car accident.

Our Chicago car accidents find this story especially upsetting because all three of the victims were young adults, the driver was 20 years old and the two passengers were 22 years old. While it is always tragic when people are killed in car accidents, it is even more difficult to hear when the victims were so young. In addition to the age of the passengers, the passengers were twins so their family had to deal with the pain of losing two children because of the accident.

Unfortunately, driving at speeds even several miles above what is safe for the conditions leads to numerous accidents each year, most of which would be prevented by driving at even slightly lower speeds. According to Smart Motorist, even driving 5 miles over the speeds limit in certain situations can be extremely dangerous and make it impossible for a driver to stop in time to avoid an accident. Speed limits are determined by engineers who analyze a number of factors for the given area and determine what speed is the highest speed at which a car can travel safely. This is why it is so important to respect speed limits and not even travel slightly over the posted limit. Even though this seems like a logical point and that the speed limits are posted for a reason and must be followed, Smart Motorist reports that 90 percent of drivers they studied had sped at some point in their driving career and 75 percent admitted to speeding regularly.

This past weekend, a 20 year old Chicago man was killed and the passenger riding in his car was injured after the car they were driving in crashed into a lighting pole on Michigan Avenue and the car split in half. According to the Chicago Tribune, the driver was trying to pass another vehicle and was driving at very high speeds in order to do so when he lost control of the car, hit a curb and crashed into the light pole. At this time it is not known whether the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident. No other vehicles were involved in the Chicago car accident. The driver was pronounced dead upon arriving at the hospital and the passenger was taken to the hospital and then treated and released from the hospital.

Unfortunately, many fatal car accidents are the result of reckless driving at speeds that are fair to dangerous for the road. Reckless driving is especially prevalent among young drivers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, excessive speed is the leading cause of car accident deaths for people under the age of 20. Young men are more likely to be in car accidents caused by driving at excessive speeds. Reckless driving accidents among young young drivers are also more common when the driver is driving with at least one other passenger in the car. Passengers can cause additional distractions to a driver and may lead them to pay less attention to the road. Young inexperienced drivers often do not realize how dangerous it is not only for themselves but also for other drivers on the road to drive too fast and to not pay attention to their surroundings. Driving at excessive speeds makes it much more difficult to stop the car and it makes it very easy to lose control of the car, which is what happened to the driver in the article mentioned above.

If you or a loved one was involved in a car accident that was the result of another driving driving at speeds that were too high for the road or the conditions please contact our Chicago car accident attorneys to discuss what legal remedies may be available to you. Make sure to call today because Illinois law requires that lawsuits be filed within a certain amount of time after the accident occurred.

Charges have been filed in connection with a fatal hit-and-run Chicago car accident that occurred back in November in Humboldt Park. According to the Chicago Tribune, the accident happened in the early morning hours of November 24th when the accused crashed into another car, killing the driver and injuring the young driver’s brother. The driver fled the scene and a warrant has been out for his arrest since mid December, however the driver has recently turned himself in. At this point it is unclear what all charges the hit-and-run driver is facing.

Drivers that panic and flee the scene of an accident can face very severe penalties under Illinois law. Leaving the scene of the accident when the accident involves property damage, damage to a parked car or damage to another vehicle is considered a misdemeanor in Illinois. The person responsible must stop immediately and provide their information (name, address, registration number and owner of the vehicle’s name) to the other driver, or in cases where there is not another driver present or the owner of the property cannot be located, the driver responsible must leave a note providing their information. Leaving the scene of a car accident that causes personal injury or kills another person will result in much severe penalties and the driver will face felony charges.

In addition to stopping and providing information in any accident, the driver has a duty to render aid to the injured persons. The person must provide reasonable assistance which is defined by Illinois law as “carrying or providing arrangements for the carrying of such person to a physician, surgeon or hospital” to be treated for their injuries when the person clearly needs this help or requests this help. In Illinois, failure to render aid when it is required can result in a misdemeanor charge.

The Chicago Transit Authority, better known as the CTA, is the United States second largest public transportation system. It covers all of Chicago and its 40 suburbs, and one any given weekday 1.6 million people use it.

One of the biggest parts of the CTA’s service to Chicago is their 2,000 buses, operating along 154 routes, and linking 12,000 posted stops over 2,273 miles of roads. Public Transportation is not just used by adults, it also shuttles our children to and from school every day.

Most of the time people taking the bus have nothing to worry about, but our lawyers know that when it comes to a bus accident injury, you never know where or when it is going to happen. Yesterday morning, a Limestone public school bus was involved in an accident that left one dead, and several injured.

Teenage drivers are statistically the most dangerous people on the road. In 2010, seven teenage drivers died each day from injuries sustained in car accidents. If you are a parent, and you are wondering why your insurance just shot up, odds are it might be because your child just turned 16. Per mile driven, teen drivers are three times more likely to get into an accident than their counterparts over the age of 20. (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety)

Earlier this week, an Illinois court convened to hear the trial of an Aurora teen charged with reckless homicide in a deadly October car accident. According to court reports, the teen was joyriding in his father’s Chevrolet Malibu, without permission, at more than 90 miles an hour when he lost control and slammed into a home.

According to reports from the Chicago Tribune, the defendant, who was only 15-years-old at the time of the accident, was allegedly attempting to reach 100 miles an hour on the wet pavement of a local Aurora subdivision when he came to a curve in the road. Unable to turn, the Malibu hit the curb, and left the ground briefly before slamming into a local family’s garage. Of the three passengers in the car, two were injured, while the third was thrown from the vehicle, and later pronounced dead at the scene.

Reckless driving is one of the most common factors in the more than 6 million, and it claims thousands of lives every year, and injures millions more. Earlier this week, the head-on collision of two cars in a suburban neighborhood killed both drivers, and injured two others.

Kane County Police reports indicate that shortly before the fatal accident, the driver of the stolen Nissan Altima had also been involved in a minor hit-and run before her erratic behavior caught the attention of a local Sheriff’s deputy. Upon attempting to pull the woman over, she fled at high speeds, with local bystanders reporting speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour, at which time the deputy ended his pursuit.

Not long after, while still travelling at speeds well in excess of the posted speed limit, the stolen Nissan hit a Maple Park teen’s Pontiac Grand Am head-on. Before the wreckage had settled, two other cars had been caught in the wreck. The Woman driving the Nissan was declared dead at the scene shortly after authorities arrived.

A newly published government report from this week calls on would-be motorcyclists to think twice before buying a shiny new Harley-Davidson or Ducati.

The report from the Government Accountability Office claims that direct costs from deaths and injuries among motorcyclists following an accident totaled $16 Billion in 2010. In reality, this number is probably higher, due to the unpredictable nature of long-term medical expenses.

Motorcyclists are involved in fatal accidents much more frequently than their vehicle-driving counterparts. Motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to die in a traffic accident than those who are in a car accident driving a passenger car. (National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration)

We are happy to report that yesterday, the Illinois Department of Transportation released a report stating that traffic deaths in Illinois decreased 63% over this long Thanksgiving holiday week from last year. IDOT cited unusually favorable road and weather conditions over the four-day weekend as one of the main reasons for this encouraging drop.

The Drive to Survive traffic safety campaign, which the Illinois Department of Transportation has used to encourage safe driving, is also believed to be a difference maker in keeping Illinois residents safe, and educating them on the dangers that come with driving around the holiday season.

Illinois State Police, as well as other local law enforcement authorities were out in force during the Thanksgiving weekend enforcing seat belt and DUI laws, both of which are crucial to keeping drivers and passengers safe. The Illinois State Transportation Secretary commented that seatbelt usage is at a record high in the state, and yearly traffic fatality totals are on pace to fall below 1,000 deaths for the fourth consecutive year. While this report is evidence that the state of Illinois is making great strides to make their roads safer for drivers, we are not out of the woods yet.

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