Chicago Car Accident Lawyers Applaud Efforts to Reduce Texting While Driving

Chicago car accident lawyers applaud Justin Bieber’s participation in the fight against texting while driving. According to AOL Autos, the young pop-star has paired with Phone Guard to promote the company’s new Drive Safe software application. Drive Safe would disable a phone’s text and email capabilities if the vehicle is going over 10 miles per hour. Bieber told AOL Autos, “As a 17-year-old driver, I am aware of the countless distractions that we teenagers face on the road, and texting is one that is preventable.”

Bieber’s anti-texting while driving campaign comes in tandem with the Alex Brown Foundation and Oprah’s No-Phone Zone pledge. Alex Brown was a teen who died in a single car accident during her senior year in high school. No other vehicles were involved in the accident. She was simply texting while driving. In the weeks prior to her fatal crash, she had sent and received over 10,000 text messages. Her story is now the basis for a foundation created to warn others about the dangers of distracted driving. Illinois auto-accident lawyers remember Alex Brown and hope that others will practice safe driving tips in Chicago and across the nation.

Oprah has also started her own campaign against texting while driving. Her No-Phone Zone pledge campaign has received nationwide support. According to O, The Oprah Magazine, texting is one of the most popular ways to communicate. People under the age of 45 receive and send three times more texts than calls to their cell phones. Around the year 2009, about 75 billion text messages are sent every month. However, a neuroscientist at Vanderbilt University has cautioned against the use of text messaging while driving. “”The human brain isn’t equipped to concentrate on two things simultaneously,” he told the magazine. In his research, the neuroscientist has found physical evidence to show that texting while driving is unsafe. He concluded that when a person does two mental tasks at the same time, the brain slows down a person’s reaction time. “Despite employing 100 billion neurons to process information at rates as high as 1,000 times a second, the human brain has a crippling inability to do two tasks at once.” He explained to O.

Even social experts caution the public about the disconnection between presence and the person texting. An Assistant professor of communication studies at the University of Michigan reported to the magazine that “people disengage, or pay more attention to the person on the phone than to the people who are physically present.”

Illinois car accident lawyers at Levin and Perconti support all three campaigns against texting while driving. Unfortunately, the American College of Emergency Physicians has reported that emergency room visits due to a texting distraction have increased. When you text while driving you put not only yourself in danger, but everyone around you. Texting-related injuries can range from a bruise to even death. Texting is the cause of about 5,500 traffic fatalities every year, resulting in extraordinary medical expenses and lost wages for the victims. Lawyers at Levin and Perconti are able to help families deal with this justifiably unexpected expense.

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