Chicago DUI Lawsuit Settles for $1 million

The Chicago Tribune reported on the end of a Chicago lawsuit connected to tragic drunk driving accident that led to the death of the driver’s passenger, another innocent driver, and the unborn child that she was carrying.

The lawsuit involved Diamond’s Gentleman Club, an adult club located in West Chicago. The drunk driver, John Homatas spent the evening at the club before leaving drunk in January 2006. Mr. Homatas was found vomiting in the bathroom of the club by bouncers. After being found, the bouncers ejected him from the club and placed him in his car. He subsequently drove the car onto Illinois Highway 25 before driving head-on into a car driven by twenty-seven year old April Simmons who was eight months pregnant at the time. Mr. Homatas’s passenger, Mrs. Simmons, and her unborn child were all killed in the accident.

The club argued that they were not at all responsible for the crash, because Mr. Homatas brought his own alcohol into the club. However, the Illinois Supreme Court disagreed in a ruling that preserved the logical right of injured victims to hold all responsible parties accountable.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti offer sincere sympathies to all the individuals whose lives were destroyed by this tragic accident.

Everyone understands the dangers of drunk driving, but many continue to risk that harm. That risk-taking ruins lives. Traveling by car involves many natural risks even when all drivers are alert. Any lowering of senses dramatically increases the risks. On top of that, all third parties (like the dance club) need to understand the role that they play in these deadly accidents. Placing an obviously intoxicated individual behind the wheel of the dangerous machine is never acceptable. Mr. Simmons lost his wife and unborn child on that tragic night. Even slightly more responsible behavior by the employees of the club might have saved those lives.

If you have similarly suffered at the hands of irresponsible conduct on the road, please contact ourcar accident lawyers today.

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