Chicago Gets Strict About Taxi Related Accidents and Citations

Our Illinois accident attorneys read a Chicago Tribune article over the weekend that discussed cab driver tickets in Chicago. The article talked about how judges often dismiss the tickets and violations, including those for speeding, failing to obey traffic signals, and even pedestrian accidents. The article states that “a far higher percentage of tickets are thrown out for cabbies on average than for regular drivers,” helping cab drivers keep their chauffeur’s licenses. This is an alarming finding, especially due to the frequency of cab accidents where pedestrians or other drivers are seriously injured or killed.

Our Chicago pedestrian accident attorneys agree that cab drivers should be held at a higher standard and should be held accountable more often, and tickets should have more severe consequences. It is not as simple as these cab drivers having only one citation, but repeat offenders should not be able to get back on the road. With the high number of cabs in the City, looser fines create unsafe roads for other drivers, and even pedestrians because drivers do not fear strict punishments for violations
A cab driver advocate stated that cab drivers get more tickets due to the fact that they spend more time on the road than the average driver, and a citation or a ticket shouldn’t keep them off the road. They are also more aggressive at getting them cleared in order to keep their jobs and source of income. The City of Chicago also has a “three strike” program. The rule applies to all cab drivers and says that if found guilty or cited for three or more citations or violations, a driver could lose their license to chauffeur. The police have now made this “three strike” rule mandatory and an automatic consequence for cab drivers due to several high profile accidents resulting in pedestrian deaths.

Our Chicago accident attorneys agree that it is important for cab drivers to realize that speed and efficiency should not compromise the safety of others on the road. The Chicago Tribune reported that more than 25% of pedestrian accidents in Chicago were cab related. Cab drivers should slow down, and be aware of pedestrians crossing streets, especially in the downtown areas. When taxi drivers fail to do so, they must be held accountable so that dangerous drivers are taken off the streets to protect Chicago residents, workers and visitors.

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