Chicago Head-On Collision Results in Two Fatalities and Leaves Three Injured

Today, our Illinois accident attorneys read about a head-on collision in Chicago in the Chicago Sun-Times. The article reported that the collision resulted in two fatalities, and left three seriously injured. Apparently one of the drivers involved in the accident lost control, causing their car to crash into an oncoming car head on. Police are still working to identify some of the victims, and look further into what caused the car to lose control.

According to a head-on collision “typically occurs when a vehicle crosses a centerline or a median and crashes into an approaching vehicle.” However, they can also occur when a driver consciously, or unconsciously, starts to drive into oncoming traffic. These types of accidents are a result of accidental maneuvers on the road, such as running off of the road, or trying to pass another car on a two lane street or highway.

The site continues to say that majority of head-on-collisions occur on rural roads and tow lane roads. Our Illinois auto accident lawyers also read that construction areas, or places where there could be confusion on which lane is which could also cause these types of accidents. Drowsiness, distraction, speeding, or driving under the influence also cause drivers to be less alert and aware on the road, which can also cause these types of accidents. Drivers can help themselves greatly by avoiding these bad driving habits and allowing themselves to stay focused on the road.

There are many things that states can do to help reduce these types of accidents, as well, such as installing new infrastructures. These infrastructures can include but are not limited to installing rumble strips in the middle of two lanes, having wider cross sections for two lane roads, try to provide a center left turn lane in intersections, and have a median between two opposite facing roads. Marking the road better, for example with dashed lines in the center if passing is acceptable or a solid line if it is not, or installing signs that indicate a surface with a loss of friction, or even sharp curves, could also be beneficial.

Our Chicago car accident lawyers encourage our readers to always stay awake, alert, cautious, and sober when driving on the road. Although other drivers may not always behave on the road, it drastically helps to reduce your chances of being involved in this type of crash if you practice safe driving. Looking out for signs that indicate changes in the road or if passing is acceptable are always good things to do, as well as making sure that you are going an appropriate speed and not weaving throughout lanes.

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