Chicago Ranked 157th out of 200 in Allstate’s America’s Best Drivers Report

Yesterday, Allstate published their seventh annual “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report,” a report highlighting the safest driving cities in the nation. ABC7Chicago discussed how Chicago drivers were not quite up to par. The City of Chicago is rated in the bottom quarter of 200 cities that Allstate analyzed. What the analysis actually ranks is the frequency of car accidents in the given area. Our Illinois accident attorneys recognize that though that ranking may seem poor, it is actually ten spots higher than Chicago ranked last year. Allstate created this report to make people more aware of driving safely, and to urge cities to try to improve their rankings by creating safe-driver initiatives.

Cities around Chicago, such as Naperville and Joliet, did not rank higher than 96th out of 200. According to the Huffington Post, the Allstate study found that drivers in the City of Chicago have an average of one accident per every 7.7 years. The goal of the report is not to scare drivers, but however to try to inspire people to be safer drivers and improve their city’s bad habits. The report almost attempts to spur competition between cities, and challenges drivers to improve their city’s rankings in future years.

The Allstate website also reports on the analysis. They discuss that their mission for the report is to “boost the country’s discussion on safe driving.” They report that car crashes nationally have declined over the past few years, but there are still too many car-related fatalities every year. Our Chicago car accident attorneys believe that many car accident fatalities can be avoided with the right education and awareness, especially deaths caused by speeding, drunk driving and distracted driving.

Edmunds’ “Top 10 Editors’ Tips to Prevent a Car Accident” has some useful advice that our Illinois car accident attorneys encourage our readers to follow. The number one tip is to stay out of the fast lane unless passing, most commonly known as the left lane on the highway. The center lane and the right lanes give you a quick “escape route” in case you should need to pullover suddenly.

It is also important to keep your focus on the road and area in front of you, not only when on the highway, but generally, and when merging to check your blind spots. Another tip that most drivers do not follow religiously is to drive with both of your hands in the correct driving position, at the 9 and 3 o’clock position, giving you the most control over the automobile.

A tip that most are unaware of is that it is safe to judge a driver by the condition of their car or automobile. If their car is already damaged, it is a safe assumption to make that they are an unsafe driver. Also pay attention to how others drive, meaning if they swerve or drift. In addition, avoid nighttime driving. And finally, learn how to drive a racecar. It may sound silly, but driving a racecar gives drivers an opportunity to practice how to avoid accidents and skid recovery in a controlled setting.

As Chicago accident lawyers, we know that crashes frequently occur, and often lead drivers and passengers to suffer serious injury and even death. AllState’s report is a good reminder to everyone in the Chicago area to pay attention and review methods to improve the way you drive. Doing so may not only help reduce your risk of injury, it will also protect others on the road.

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