Chicago Residents Save Lives Following Car Accident

The posts on this blog discuss car accidents, particularly in the Chicagoland area, analyzetheir causes, recommend practices to ensure road safety, and advise victims on their legal rights following those crashes. Our Chicago car accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti have decades of experience advising families after terrible accidents. Those crashes are quite often the result of negligent drivers who fail to take basic precautions to ensure safety on the road.

With all of the analysis of bad drivers, it is often easy to forget that the roadways are also filled with millions of Americans who diligently drive with care and caution. Severe accidents always cause intense pain and suffering. But at times, those accidents also bring out the very best in everyday citizens who attempt to help others in the wake of the tragedy.

Chicago Breaking News recently reported on one such situation following a tragic car accident yesterday on the south side of the city. Shortly before 7pm last night in the Altgeld Gardens neighborhood, a young woman and two young children were driving east on 130th Street. Witnesses say that the car abruptly veered off the road, crossed the median, and smashed into a pole.

Several people who saw the accident stopped their own vehicles and rushed the scene to provide help. When they reached the car they saw flames beginning to build underneath the car. In an amazing act of bravery, four men reached into the wreckage and managed to pull the two children out of their car seats and into safety. One man was injured in the effort. Unfortunately, they were unable to pull the female driver out of the car before it was engulfed in flames. She died in the accident. The two children were flown to a nearby hospital where they remain in serious condition.

The cause of the accident remains unclear. But there is no doubt that the men who rushed to the scene and saved the lives of two young children deserve immense praise for their selfless sacrifice. Even with repeated examples of negligent driving, it is important to remember the many drivers among us who are willing to stop at a moment’s notice and lend a helping hand.

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