Chicago’s Most Dangerous Intersections

All Chicagoans have their own horror stories about the parts of the city and surrounding suburbs that are the worst to travel on. In various locations at various times, certain intersections are always filled with the confusion, veering, honking horns, and angry travelers. Each Chicago car accident lawyer at our firm knows that there are certain locations in the Chicagoland area that pose far higher risks for travelers. It is helpful to be aware of these particularly dangerous locations so that those who frequent the area can be extra cautions to ensure they don’t get caught in an accident.

Last week the Chicago Sun Times published a story that discussed new information from the Illinois Department of Transportation. The story includes a specific list of the twenty worst intersections based on the total number of accident that they have recorded in recent years.

Number One
According to the story, the most dangerous intersection is Stony Island Avenue at South Chicago Avenue. The location, beneath the Chicago Skyway was the site of 63 crashes in 2010-the most recent year for which data is available. Data shows that this particular location is crossed by about 70,000 cars and truck each and every day. It has been called “uninviting” and “challenging for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists.”

Our Illinois car accident lawyers know that part of the problem in the past at this particular intersection is that travelers sometimes try to race through the red light. For example, cars traveling south on South Chicago have 11 seconds to cross Stony Island before the light changes. However, in the past many cars sped past the area, even when the light was red. Red-light cameras were installed in the summer of 2007. At that time an average of 34 drivers received a violation every day. That number was apparently down to only three violations a day by the summer of 2010. In that same period the red light cameras were likely responsible for lowering the total number of accidents by 8%. While that is encouraging, the intersection still ranks as the most dangerous in the area.

Part of the problem, say some transportation experts, is that there are many stimuli facing drivers at the same time-from the skyway overhead to the viaduct that causes lanes to shift. This all leads to driver confusion, which itself causes Chicago car accidents.

Number Two
The second most dangerous intersection in the area according to these crash statistics is the ramp from westbound I-80 to La Grange Road in Frankfort. This suburban location was the site of 56 crashes in 2010. One local police sergeant summarized the ramp crashes: “Those accidents are all the same. People stop, and there’s two turning lanes with a sign out there that says no turning out there that says no turn on red except right lane.” Upon seeing the sign the drivers in the right lane stop to look while making a turn. The sudden stopping causes them to be rear-ended.

Please check out the full story to read the complete list of the most dangerous intersections in the Chicagoland area.

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