Driving in the Snow

It does not take much snow to cause serious traffic problems. As you may remember, earlier this January here in Illinois, on one particular rush-hour snowstorm, it snowed less than one inch of snow but caused traffic chaos. The snow was mixed with ice and reduced visibility. This created a cocktail for disaster. The storm led to several car crashes and the death of a pedestrian when an out of control car struck him. An Illinois state trooper was also injured in a car crash. Witnesses said that, despite the conditions, people were driving too close to other vehicles.  

This article will list ways of avoiding accidents when driving in the snow. First, if you were involved in a car accident, it is important that you hire an attorney for your case.

How to stay Safe in these Conditions

The AAA Exchange (AAA) lists several ways of driving safe in the snow. For one, it is important that you avoid accelerating or braking fast. If you accelerate too fast, or brake too fast, you are likely to spin out of control, or even get stuck.

Second, similarly, try not to drive fast. Driving fast only increases your chances of losing control of your vehicles in these slippery conditions. Also, you should avoid driving in your cruse control mode. Driving in cruise control increases the likelihood of spinning out of control, as you may not break your vehicle when you otherwise would.

Third, it is important that you follow at least eight seconds behind the vehicle ahead of you. This will give you adequate time to stop if that vehicle suddenly slows or stops. Fourth, try not to stop your vehicle unless necessary. This is especially true if you are going up a hill. If you do stop, you may not be able to gain traction to proceed on your route.

Fifth, it is important that you ensure you have at least a half tank of gas. The last thing you want to happen, besides an accident, is giving out of gas in these frigid conditions! You should also ensure that your tires have sufficient tread and are inflated. A lack of tread or non-inflated tires will increase your risk of sliding out of control.

Sixth, it is also important that you do not drive fatigued. Driving fatigued will significantly decrease your decision-making and focus.  

Seventh, you should wear your seat belt. This may seem obvious. The risk of having a car accident is significantly higher in the snow. Wearing a seat belt will perhaps safe your life if you are involved in an accident.

Eighth, and perhaps most importantly, if it is not necessary that you drive, stay home! The risk of an accident is much higher in wintery conditions.

Hire an Attorney for your Case

In all, if you are involved in a car accident at the fault of another driver, it is important that you hire an experienced personal injury attorney. The Illinois personal injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti have the experience needed to aggressively take on your case. Call us today at (312) 332-2872 or toll free (877) 374-1417 to schedule a FREE consultation.


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