Eight Injured in Chicago West Side Bus Accident

If the road were a boxing ring, large trucks and buses would be in the heavy weight division. Due primarily to their sheer size and weight, about 98% of all semi-truck accidents result in at least one fatality, and bus collision numbers are relatively high as well. When you combine that with the 130,000 individuals injured by truck collisions each year, and the 24,000 that are injured in bus accidents, it is clear that the impact of these crashes are widely felt by victims, families, and communities alike. (U.S. Department of Transportation; National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Earlier this week eight people were injured when two cars and a Chicago Transit bus collided on the city’s west side. No details have been made available about what caused the accident, but a television clip taken just after the crash showed the bus positioned on the street curb. One of the vehicles had collided with the bus behind its front left tire, while the other crashed into the bus on its rear left. According to a CTA spokeswoman, five of the eight victims were riding on the bus, one was the buses operator, and the remainder were riding in the two vehicles. A spokesperson from the Chicago Fire Department added that the eight people were transported to various area hospitals, and were all listed in fair-to-serious condition. (Chicago Tribune)

Contrary to Sundays accident, in the majority of bus and truck accidents injuries are much more severe for the drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles involved. Whenever a steel frame weighing multiple tons collides with anything, regardless of the speed, the possibility for life altering injury is incredibly high. Many of the victims of these accidents never regain a normal way of life, and require a great deal of time and money in order to facilitate their recovery.

If you have a job, think for a second about what it would be like to have to take 6 months to a year off of work, having no ability to care for yourself, and still have to pay bills. Pretty scary right? Well now imagine that scenario with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Much of the time, this is the reality that our clients face, and our lawyers are committed to ensuring that they won’t have to navigate this difficult road on their own.

When we make allusions to some of our most successful cases, critics of our judicial system may argue that substantial verdicts and settlement are excessive. But for a woman facing the reality of a life changing spinal cord injury, this is the amount of money needed to pay for a lifetime of medical bills and ongoing care and support. Our clients are good people who have been injured by someone else’s negligence, and when our attorneys settle their cases, it is something that truly makes a difference.

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