Englewood Multi-Vehicle Crash Hospitalizes Five

While it is always upsetting to see news of large and serious car accidents, it is especially disheartening to learn of accidents close to home. It is far too often that motor vehicle accidents occur in and around Chicago are the cause of serious personal injuries or deaths. By sharing and discussing this news, we our law firm hopes to educate and inform our readers about the dangers that exist on Chicago roads, and what we can do to work together to stop these accidents from occurring.

According to recent news by the Chicago Tribune, an Englewood neighborhood multi-vehicle accident hospitalized five people. The accident involved three vehicles and resulted in serious injuries for three of the victims involved. The accident occurred near West 71st Street and South Wentworth Avenue, according to the Chicago Police Department. One of the passengers required airlift to a local hospital for emergency care. Another was ejected from a vehicle and needed emergency care as well. These two have been listed as being in critical condition. The police described the accident as two of the cars colliding into each other and then careening into the third vehicle involved.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the largest number of motor vehicle crash fatalities are occupants of passenger vehicles (ex: cars, vans, SUVs). People in light passenger vehicles are at a disadvantage when up against large vehicles like trucks and semis. Small vehicles have less structure to them and therefore less ability to absorb the force of a crash. When the vehicle absorbs less of the crash, passengers absorb higher force of the crash. In the year 2013, out of 10,318 multi-vehicle crash deaths nationwide, 6,975 of those deaths were car occupants. In addition, 55% of all deaths from motor vehicle accidents in 2013 were the result of multi-vehicle crashes, while 45% of deaths from motor vehicle accidents were from single-vehicle accidents.

As you can see, multi-vehicle crashes are incredibly dangerous and take too many lives. If we can reduce the number of these types of deadly crashes, we can make Chicagoland roads a significantly safer place to travel. Every day, millions of people in Illinois use cars for transportation to school, work, meetings, chores, and daily activities. Millions of people should not be at risk of a deadly accident every time they take to the road. That is why it is so important to make our roads a safer place and reduce the number of accidents to save lives, and our attorneys aim to do that by helping victims and their families and holding responsible those who choose to drive recklessly and endanger the well-being of others.

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