Group of Illinois Teens Offered Hands On Defensive Driving Education

A group of Illinois teens were given the opportunity to take a defensive driving training course taught by professional drivers in order to help teach them how to deal with certain dangers of the road, such as skidding on the road and obstacles in the road. The reason that these young teens were able to participate in this program was as a reward for having one of the best teen driving awareness programs which works to try to reduce the number of teenage car accidents. This course was taught by professional race car drivers who knew how to handle the situations they were teaching the students. The defensive driving course has very hands on and would teach students how to deal with dangerous situations by showing them what would happen and then how to properly react in order to stay safe. While the students did say some of the things they were taught to do were scary they also said that learning how to react made them feel like it would keep them from getting into a dangerous situation in real life and when they were on the road all by themselves and hopefully helps them avoid car crashes. Parents of these students also agreed that this program was a great idea and that they hope that it will make kids more away of the potential dangers of driving. While parents know the dangers and can try to explain to their children how to avoid them, it can often be hard to explain it in a way that makes sense and parents of children that attended this course felt that this approach was a great experience for their children. To read more about the teenage defensive driving lessons, please click on this link.

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