IDOT Prepares Drivers for a Dangerous Winter Driving Conditions

Recently, the Illinois Department of Transportation posted an article online that discussed safety precautions for winter drivers. With Thanksgiving over, and snowy weather right around the corner, our Chicago car accident attorneys wanted to go over some safety tips for winter driving. Unfavorable weather conditions, such as snow, sleet, and ice, are on their way, and in order to prepare for this, the Illinois Tollway and the Illinois State Police are working together to make sure that people know how to drive in bad conditions, and that emergency and safety equipment are ready to go.

With last year’s significant amounts of snow in mind, we encourage drivers to drive more slowly and cautiously, always wear a seatbelt, cooperate and drive safely around snow equipment, and always have a safety kit for unusual weather. This year, the IDOT has over 3,500 employees available to help maintain the roads. Last year, over 550,000 tons of salt were spread by the Illinois Department of Transportation. This year, workers are already ready with their plow trucks to help keep the roads safe and clear.

Some other winter safety driving tips include:

• Do not get in the way of a snow plow driver’s field of vision, and make sure that you are not in their blind spot • ALWAYS wear a seatbelt • Beware of black ice because it is nearly impossible to see, but very dangerous. Bridges, ramps, shaded spots, and intersections are most likely to have black ice, so drive slowly when you are around them.
• Make sure your fuel line doesn’t freeze by keeping your gas tank full • Check the weather regularly, and do not travel in treacherous weather • Have an emergency car kit in your car at all times,
• Use a cellphone when necessary to dial 911 or *999 for help on the road
Our Chicago car accident attorneys encourage you and your loved ones to follow safety precautions particularly close in the winter season. Because roads can be icy or crowded with snow, and ice can make driving difficult, it is crucial to wear a seat belt and drive slowly. We hope that our readers will have a safe holiday season and keep these tips in mind as the seasons transition from fall to winter.

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