Illinois Drunk Driving Victim Comforted After Reckless Driver Caught

We have frequently posted to the blog various accidents that kill or injure local citizens on our roadways each day. Far too many of those Illinois car crashes involve drunk drivers. It takes no more explanation for all to understand the extreme risk taken by those who get behind the wheel after drinking.

The Belleville News Democrat recently reported on one Illinois drunk driving victim who recently learned that the drunk driver who nearly killed him has been found. The victim is still recovering from the accident from May of 2009 on the Martin Luther King Bridge in Belleville. On his way home across the bridge, the victim’s car was smashed head-on by a drunk driver in a pickup. The reckless traveler had just left a local bar before getting in his vehicle, crossing the center line, and slamming into the innocent victim. It was lucky that the collision did not send crash didn’t cause either vehicle to careen off the bridge. The innocent victim was in a coma for over a month
Following the accident, the victim filed an Illinois car accident lawsuit against the tavern owners who had carelessly let the drunk driver leave in his vehicle. The dram shop act allows this sort of lawsuit to hold the bar owners accountable for the often deadly effects that their over-serving has on nearby roadways.

The negligent driver in this case fled the area following the accident. This driver’s fleeing made it difficult to continue with the lawsuit, because the man was needed to testify. However, he was recently found in a St. Louis jail-he had been arrested on rape charges. He can now testify in the Illinois drunk driving lawsuit regarding his actions before the deadly crash.

Our Chicago car accident lawyers at Levin & Perconti are committed to helping victims of tragic accidents like the one here. Many community members are unaware of the various legal options available following injuries in these crashes. It is important to contact legal experts to help learn about the possible causes leading up to the accident and the way that the law protects those who were victimized.

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