Illinois Mom and Two Daughters Killed In Deer Related Car Accident

A Mulberry Grove woman recently was killed along with her two daughters in a rear-end accident taking place in Bond Country, Illinois. The woman, 41, and her two daughters, 8 and 6, were driving on I-70 when they encountered deer crossing the road. According to an online Fox News article, when the car came to a complete halt, in order to let the deer cross, they were rear-ended by a truck. The truck driver luckily only sustained minor injuries.

This incident harkens back to a previous blog post by our Chicago car accident attorneys in which we discusses the multiple aspects of encountering deer in the road. Our post was inspired by a news report showing that more than half of the car accidents in Coles County, Illinois, involved a deer. In the post, we provided tips on how to avoid deer accident fatalities. We also discussed the fact that the number one source of fatalities in such accidents is the attempt to avoid hitting deer in the road, as concluded by a Cambridge University Press study titled, “Maintaining and restoring connectivity in landscapes fragmented by roads.”

This is unfortunately what happened in the recent case involving the mother and her two daughters. Our Chicago car accident lawyers decided to do some more research on the topic of wildlife related crashes. A National Cooperative Highway Research Program project found that 750,000 wildlife-vehicle collisions occur yearly. There are over 200 human fatalities and more than a billion dollars in damage caused by these yearly accidents.

The Michigan Department of Transportation claims that car-deer accidents occur about every eight minutes in the state. Deer-motorcycle collisions result in human fatalities 85% of the time, while the fatality rate for deer-car collisions is only 2%.

These statistics surprised many of our Illinois car accident attorneys, who were taken aback by the prevalence of wildlife related accidents. Unfortunately, there is no legal recourse available against deer or other wildlife. If you are in an accident with wildlife, check your insurance policy to see if it covers damages from such accidents. If not, then you may have to incur expensive repair costs yourself.

However, if you are in a scenario such as the one that the mother and her two daughters found themselves in, there may be legal recourse available to you. To find out about such recourse, you can contact Levin & Perconti’s team of of experienced Illinois car accident lawyers.

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