Illinois Woman Awarded Compensation in Car Accident Suit

A plaintiff from Edwardsville, Illinois, recently won her damages suit resulting from a rear-end car accident she was involved in two years ago. The plaintiff claimed damages based on neck and back pain she experienced after the accident, confirms local reports. She claimed that her life was not the same after the accident since she experienced physical pain, which restricted her abilities to live the same lifestyle as she did before the injury. The plaintiff sought $30,000 in damages, while the defense lawyer argued she only deserved $3,662. The Judge sided with the plaintiff, awarding her just over $8,000.

The closing arguments from both sides placed the jury in the difficult decision of finding the right amount of monetary compensation for non-financial damages. The final argument from the plaintiff’s side was that her life was severely affected after sustaining the injuries from the accident, thus warranting the requested financial restitution. The defense’s closing argument was that $30,000 was not a reasonable sum for simply having been in an accident.

From the perspective of our Chicago car accident lawyers, the loss of a pleasure-filled life is a very serious issue, and is a potential consequence of negligent actions. It is something we do not believe can be taken lightly. With that said, there are some lessons that can be learned from this case.

For one, there are very real potential damages that can occur from a case like this. In this case there were “no signs of pain when the [plaintiff] was in the hospital, or the emergency room would not have released her.” This does not mean that the plaintiff did not experience pain, it only means she did not have initial pain. Pain and complications can show up days or weeks after an accident. This can include things such as severe headaches or internal bruising. So the absence of immediate pain does not mean that a negligent driver is off the hook, since he may be responsible for any pain experienced as a result of his actions.

Another lesson from this case is that it is important to seek medical care after an accident. For one, it is important to keep a watchful eye on your health after an accident, because complications can sneak up under the radar if you do not pay enough attention. Additionally, keeping records of your health after the accident is important should you seek legal action.

Finally, the plaintiff in this case demonstrated the importance of legal support. The plaintiff initially did not seek legal aid, and amidst experiencing future health complications she got legal council and was able to gain compensation for her life-style impairment. It is important to know that legal council is available, and should you or a loved one be involved in an similar situation, you can contact our Chicago car crash lawyers to find out what legal rights may be available to you.

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