Improved Safety Sends National Car Accident Fatality Rates Plummeting

The Chicago based National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released encouraging new data recently that shows a steady decrease in the total number of deaths on American roadways last year. Reporting on the new data in the Globe and Mail explains how car crash deaths in the United States has reached its lowest level since 1949-totalling 32,788 in 2010. This trend also holds at the state specific levels with a decreased likelihood of suffering an Illinois car crash death than in the past.

The importance of the drop is even more vividly demonstrated when compared to miles driven each year as American now drive 800% more miles a year than 60 years ago.

A spokesman for the Traffic Safety Administration explains that the group has “worked very hard over the years in educating the public and working with both Congress and the states to enact laws that help keep our roads safer.”

The group went onto explain that the most important innovations that have led to the decrease are improved car seats for children an crumple-zones-both which help to limit damage when accident do strike. In other words, the statements suggest that many car crashes still occur, but the damage caused has been lessened with certain technology innovations.

However, that good news must be tempered by a new problem on the roadways, increased driver distraction. The spokesman highlights the contradiction by noting that “while technology has helped reduce fatalities, there are advances in technology that have led to other problems on our roadways-such as talking on phones and texting while driving.”

Our Chicago car crash lawyers at Levin & Perconti share in the enthusiasm for improved safety features in vehicles which often act as the difference between life and death. However, our Illinois injury attorneys continue to work with victims of incidents where a driver caused massive damage because of distraction. It is important that effort continue to be placed on ensuring that all drivers keep their attention focused on the road whenever they are behind the wheel.

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