It’s Raining…Cars? Bizarre Chicago Parking Garage Accident

When it is raining heavily, people often remark that, “It is raining cats and dogs.” The phrase makes sense, in that it highlights the large size of rainfall. But what do you say when it is raining luxury vehicles? It should not come as a shock, then, why a few unlucky Chicago shoppers were left speechless when they found their cars flattened under another vehicle.

According to, a driver was attempting to park his BMW in a parking garage when he hit the gas instead of the brake. The BMW went through the barrier and fell directly on top of a Jaguar and a Mercedes Benz. Fortunately, the Jaguar was empty and no one was hurt. The Mercedes Benz, however, did have a passenger who was shocked when he witnessed the empty side of the car get crushed right next to him.

However bizarre this particular case is, parking lots and garages are host to plenty of motor vehicle accidents. Jeff Mohr, who is automotive collision expert, says that parking lot collisions are all too common. Mohr claims that, “14% of all claims for auto damage involve parking lot collisions; 80% of bumper scratches occur during parking.” Mohr also puts emphasis on the estimate that “30% of drivers feel it’s OK to ‘love tap’ your bumper when parallel parking.”

This is unsettling to our Chicago car accident attorneys, who understand all too well the damages caused by other’s negligent actions. When considering the sheer magnitude of yearly collisions, all these incidents add up and cause real damage, even if they are not as extreme as a raining luxury vehicle.

Each and every Chicago car accident lawyer at Levin & Perconti recognizes that, when choosing to drive, people accept responsibility for their actions when on the road. They have an obligation to take the necessary precautions to make the roads as safe as possible. They do so not only for the sake of others, but also for themselves. Parking lot and garage conduct falls under this code of conduct. Acting otherwise is potentially considered negligence.

Even though most parking area accidents are minor, the case of the raining luxury vehicle demonstrates that there is always the chance such accidents could be more serious, even if they may be quite bizarre. Should you or a loved one be seriously injured or killed by another person’s negligence, you can contact our team of Chicago car accident lawyers to find out what legal rights may available to you.

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