Lawsuit Filed Surrounding Madison County Car Accident

Yesterday, the Madison St. Clair Record reported on a car accident lawsuit filed by an injured woman against a pizza delivery driver, franchising company and others. The woman claimed that the accident caused her to suffer serious injuries , causing her to incur lost wages and costly medical bills.

The lawsuit alleges that the driver who caused the accident was driving at a high rate of speed and failed to properly control his vehicle. The lawsuit also alleges that he was distracted, most likely by a cell phone or the radio. In another interesting point, the lawsuit alleged that he was speeding to deliver the pizzas in time instead of worrying about the safety of those around him.

The lawsuit also named the franchising company, alleging that they were negligent because they did not determine whether he was a safe driver or not, but rather put speedy deliveries ahead of safety.

Companies who employ drivers have a responsibility to other motorists on the road to ensure that those drivers are safe and do not pose a danger to others on the road. Pizza companies create an environment where delivery time comes before safety, posing a threat to others. In recent years, many companies, including Domino’s, dropped their guarantees after accidents involving reckless delivery drivers drew public attention. Although most people hope for a hot and fresh meal, taste and quality should never come before people’s safety. We hope that lawsuits like these continue to remind restaurants and their drivers that unsafe practices will not go unnoticed.

The suit also names the owner of the vehicle, the owner of the pizza shop, and the owner of the van in which the plaintiff was riding. It is the second lawsuit to come out of this Madison County accident.

Our Illinois accident attorneys encourage drivers to pay attention to road signs and the rules of the road. It is important for not only delivery people, but also all drivers should drive at a legal speed, focus on the road, avoid distractions, and put safety over delivery times. If you have been a victim due to a negligent driver or have lost a loved one, you may be able to receive fair compensation for the accident. Please contact our Illinois accident attorneys for a free consultation.

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