Miss Illinois Speaks to Teens About Safe Driving

Over the weekend, BCRNews reported that this year’s Miss Illinois is using her title to help reduce distracted driving in teens. The message she is sending is that when teens are behind the wheel and on the road, they are responsible for making their own decisions, which includes allowing themselves to become distracted or not. The article states that, “when speaking about distracted driving, they are always considered collisions and not accidents because they are 100 percent preventable.”

As we have mentioned before in other blog posts, when teens get behind the wheel, they face a serious risk for accident-related injuries. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that almost 35% of teen deaths are caused by automobile related accidents. Distracted driving can cause serious injury and death, but these injuries are completely avoidable. We remind our readers that distracted driving includes talking with passengers in the car, texting, social media, cellphones, eating, or listening to music. Taking your eyes off the road for any reason is dangerous, even for a brief moment.

According to Cyber Drive Illinois, there are several safety tips for teens to remember when getting behind the wheel. These tips include always wearing a seat belt and making sure that everyone in the car is wearing a seatbelt. Additionally, these tips remind teens to stay sober when driving, and never get in a car with an intoxicated driver. Finally, avoid distractions. Experienced and inexperienced drivers alike should be focused on the road so they can react quickly to changes in conditions, sudden moves or stops by other drivers, and changes in traffic patterns.

As Chicago accident attorneys, we cannot stress enough the importance of spreading the message to teens to take the issue of distracted driving seriously. We commend Miss Illinois for her efforts to raise awareness Distracted driving, along with driving drunk, are situations that are completely avoidable and preventable. Through the driver’s education programs, and inspiring speakers such as Miss Illinois, we hope that teen drivers can become more aware of ways to prevent accidents and become more defensive drivers.

Our Illinois car accident attorneys have handled many cases involving teen drivers, and if you or a loved one has been involved in this type of accident, we may be able to help you receive fair compensation or some peace of mind. New drivers can become involved in car accidents that can result in serious injury, or even death. Not only do lawsuits help victims receive fair compensation, but they also help to bring more attention to teen driving issues by making an example of them. If you have been serioualy injured in an accident as a result of someone else’s negligence, please contact our Chicago car accident attorneys to discuss your potential case and see how we may be able to help you.

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