New Bicycle Safety Law Signed in Illinois

Legislation was signed in Illinois on July 5th in which Governor Quinn promised to offer more protection to bicyclists that ride their bikes in Illinois. The goal of the bill is keep both bicyclists and motorists safe on Chicago roads and lead to a decrease in the number of injuries and accidents that occur each year involving bicycles. One of the main steps that will be taken to increase safety is the creation of new penalties to punish motorists that are caught driving either recklessly or too close to bikers. According to Chicago Breaking News, the hope is that creating penalties will create a deterrence to drivers to engage in this type of risky and unsafe behavior, in turn resulting in less bike-related accidents. Another change that will be made under this new piece of legislation is the creation of special “Share the Road” license plates that show the driver’s support of bike safety and of which the money generated from the purchase of these plates will be used to pay for biker and driver safety educational programs. To read more about this recently signed bill that is aimed at reducing bike accidents, please click on this link.

Illinois accident attorneys remind all drivers how important it is to watch out for bikers, anytime you are driving in the city. Given the often heavy congestion of the streets in the city of Chicago, as well as the prevalence of bikers in the city, bike accidents occur far too often. While legislation of this sort is definitely a step in a positive direction in helping to ensure that both drivers and bikers remain safe, one of the best steps both drivers and bikers can take is to be alert and aware of their surroundings and not let distractions take your focus off of the road.

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