NHTSA Announces Updated Government 5-Star Safety Ratings Program

3 million people are injured every year in traffic accidents throughout the United States. 2 million of these people suffer permanent injuries, which will change their lives forever. The safety of the automobiles we drive is of paramount importance, and for this reason many potential buyers rely on safety ratings programs to pick their next vehicle. Last week, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released its revised safety ratings stipulations for vehicle manufacturers, dealers, and advertising agencies, which they believe will improve the public’s ability to make the best purchasing decisions possible.

This year, the NHTSA will rate approximately 87% of all the 2014 model year vehicles that will be sold in the United States for frontal and side collision protection, and 92% for rollover resistance. As one of the most trusted and reliable sources of safety ratings for the public, the NHTSA’s administrators believe that their updated guidelines will give more accurate and consistent information to the public, and will strengthen an already widely used resource.

Updated guidelines from the NHTSA now specify that their government ratings will always be reported as whole numbers, and that the agency will not award ratings higher than five stars. This means that manufacturers and advertising agencies will no longer be permitted to advertise ratings that include decimal points or claim a rating greater than five stars; tactics that the NHTSA believes may have the potential to mislead consumers. Additionally, the stipulations also explicitly state that advanced technologies are not to be included in their five star ratings. Advertisements that fail to adhere to these guidelines may be hit with “Buyer Alert” warnings, or face the possibility of being removed from the government safety ratings program all together. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

If you are interested in learning more about the new five star safety rating system, or want to see the list of 2014 models that have been tested, you can do so at safercar.gov, or nhtsa.gov.

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