NHTSA to Hold Spring Workshops on Semi Truck-Passenger Vehicle Safety

If you’ve ever felt anxious driving next to a semi truck, you aren’t alone; the sheer mass of these enormous vehicles makes the prospect of any accident a nightmare scenario. According to statistics, truck accidents account for approximately 1/8th of all motor vehicle fatalities in the United States, but with annual revenues from the trucking industry ($610 billion last year) expected to nearly double in the next few years, the number of accidents involving these vehicles could be on the rise.

A truck accident happens whenever a large (10,000 lbs. or more) trailer hits another vehicle or a pedestrian. There are about 500,000 of these accidents every year in the United States, and roughly 5,000 of them will result in one or more fatalities. It is important to know that when it comes to trucking accidents a staggering 98% of the victims are individuals in the smaller passenger vehicles involved, and that 68% occur in rural regions in contrast to other types of vehicle accidents.

Due partially to the increased use of tractor-trailers and semi trucks for cross-country shipping, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will be conducting workshop this spring to discuss issues related to fuel economy, vehicle mass reduction, and the effects of vehicle mass and size on vehicle safety. The workshop is being held at the Department of Transportation headquarters in Washington, D.C., and will be available to watch live online through an NHTSA affiliated website. (Legal-Info)

NHTSA researchers are optimistic about the benefits of these kinds of workshops, saying, “We want to bring together experts in the field to discuss questions that the NHTSA must grapple with when we establish the CAFE standards for model years 2022-2025 – like how much mass reduction will be feasible for different vehicles… and whether there will be safety effects as a result of that mass reduction.” These researchers will be working in coalition with other government officials, auto manufacturers, and supplier representatives to present some of the latest findings related to traffic safety, and are asking the public for both feedback and recommendations regarding present and future projects. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

According to the most recent statistics from the Illinois Department of Transportation, nearly 10,000 tractor-trailer accidents occur annually in our state. Although our firm is headquartered in Chicago, our lawyers pride themselves on representing clients from all over Illinois, and providing them with the legal knowledge and experience they need to get the compensation they deserve. For instance, in one such case our firm recovered a $6.5 million settlement for the family of a young woman who was killed by an intoxicated semi truck driver. This compensation helped the victim’s family to make final arrangements and pay the enormous medical bills that resulted from the accident.

Whether your injury was the result of a truck driver being sleep deprived, intoxicated, having an overloaded, unsafe truck, or was the product of any other factor, our lawyers will provide you with the experience and guidance you need and deserve.

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